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Hi everyone ! I'm Jerika , a graduate from one of the top performing schools in the Philippines. It has been my dream to share my acquired thoughts and ideas about the English language simply because I love teaching so much. I know learning English is hard but I can guarantee that with me in the class you can learn in an enjoyable and informative way. Let me help you become a globally competitive individual when it comes to the English language. Do you want to learn with me? I would love to see you all in my class :)

See you online :)

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  • Teacher's Point Adjustment in October


    We would like to inform you, we will change some teachers' points from October 15th (Friday). Please check the details on the link below

    Teacher's Point Adjustment rule

    For more information about Teacher's Point Adjustment in October please click here

  • Daily English Curriculum updates


    Dear valued students,

    We are informing you about Curriculum Daily English updates to a new version by the end of September, 2021. Old Daily English version will be removed before September 30.

    Please be noted.

    Thank you

  • Maintenance of the network on the seafront campus


    Dear students,

    We will be having the maintenance of the network on the seafront campus.

    Date: August 29, 1 pm - 5 pm (Philippines Time)

    Impact: This maintenance may cause a maximum internet interruption of 15 minutes during this time.

    We thank you for your understanding as well as apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Affected classes due to teachers vaccination on August 11, 2021


    Good afternoon!

    1.Please be informed some reserved lessons will be affected due to teachers vaccination scheduled tomorrow.

    August 11, 2021

    From 10am ~ 2:00 pm PT.

    2.A total of 108 teachers and around 265 slots will be affected.

    3.Schedulers will cancel all their classes today.

    Thank you for your understanding!

  • Notice on the impact of online courses on August 12 and on August 13.


    Dear students:

    Some teachers will be vaccinated on August 12 and on August 13.

    Therefore, some of your lessons might be affected that days.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your kind understanding.


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